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Ten statues in a room, staring upwards

As part of the initial stages of our PhD research, all UWS post-graduate students are required to complete an online “postgraduate essentials” unit. It involves reading through a series of ‘modules’ explaining everything from how to use the Uni library … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing: The Death of the Australian Dream

First, the national treasure that is social researcher and commentator, Hugh Mackay. On the ABC’s Compass in 2004: Hugh Mackay: Well I think we, particularly intelligent people are extremely impatient with unintelligent people. And assume that they’re doing silly things … Continue reading

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Free as in ‘Pay What You Want’?

There’s a phenomenon that happens whenever someone tries a ‘pay what you want’ exercise online that’s always mystified me. People often get angry, express disappointment or even serious feelings of being ‘let down by the human race’ – all because … Continue reading

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A Couple of Interviews

So I should mention I was interviewed by Mark Johnson of the Game Taco podcast a couple weeks back, and it’s just now made its way to the world-wide-winterwebs. In the interview (my part starts about 1hr 7mins into the … Continue reading

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