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Words I-V

This is a series of 5 “downloadable” blog posts that form what I’m calling “Words I-V” because each individual post is either Words 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Seems straightforward enough. The point of them at the time of … Continue reading

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The Judge’s Wig

I walked through the cool, dripping heart of a mountain today. It contained an inspiring number of caves filled with stunning white stalactites and stalagmites. A giant cathedral of a space easily 50m high, a room filled with an organ-like … Continue reading

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My Thesis in Three Minutes

There’s a young man living in Brisbane who wears a sweet hat, talks really fast and with his weekly videos critiquing and criticising videogames draws multiple millions of views from around the world. His name is Yahtzee, he’s a British-born … Continue reading

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I came across this picture/quote at the Archive Fire blog in a post entitled “nationalism is fascism“. Until quite recently I would have unquestionably agreed with the title and sentiment of the post– nationalism is so close as to be identical … Continue reading

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I’m being followed by someone I don’t know

You scoff at the thought of a videogame scaring you. Then Penumbra: Overture tells you to “turn out the lights” and adjust your gamma settings until you can barely make out the image. It takes itself so seriously you start … Continue reading

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