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My thoughts on The Social Network

So that Facebook movie everyone’s been going on about – yeah, it’s pretty fucking fantastic. The music is great. The pacing is excellent, at the start particularly so. Jesse Eisenberg is perfectly cast as the neurotic genius, and Justin Timberlake … Continue reading

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A Thing That Happened

So this is a thing that happened. I was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 this evening and ended up on a server rotating endlessly through the beautiful, and cleverly designed, Valparaiso map (see image). I was placed on a … Continue reading

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Mereology; The infinitesimal; Radiohead

Mereology is the study or philosophy of parts and wholes. i.e. In what ways is my toenail a ‘part’ of me and when is it not? What is a ‘me’ and what is a ‘toenail’? How about time? How is … Continue reading

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On avoiding Facebook

Last Tuesday I deactivated my Facebook account, resolving to spend less time with the web-based service. I spent a week without the online service and here follows a list of some things the benefit of distance caused me to think … Continue reading

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