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Being Objectionable

So this week (I nearly forgot to mention!) I traded emails with Kotaku Australia’s Mark Serrells. We talked about whether videogame reviews have any relevance in a post-Metacritic et al., world. My position was that, ehhhh, not really – most … Continue reading

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The Gizzard of Darkness – by Hunter S Thompson

We drove north in the darkness toward Ignacio – just the three of us, huddled nervously in the cab of the old BMW 3.0 coupe. There was a light fog hovering around the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, along … Continue reading

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Thinking about my Methodology

According to Latour’s descriptions in Reassembling the Social, being a good Actor-Network theorist means working with 4 different logbooks/notebooks/etc. These don’t have to be literal books, he notes, but instead need to just do a few specific things. The First … Continue reading

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Trend spotting in 2011

In the year 2011… …Internet hipsters will begin to use obsolete web browsers (i.e. Netscape 4.0) in an attempt to recapture early 00’s nostalgia coupled with an increase in apathy for net security. …Social Media will continue to consolidate into … Continue reading

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