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Television Credits

This is the second time I’ve been interviewed for GoodGame, the ABC TV’s flagship weekly videogame show, and this time they didn’t cut down the entirety of a two hour interview to one grab of me saying something about “homoeroticism”. … Continue reading

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On The Right To Be Interrupted; or, Why Nicholas Carr’s ‘The Shallows’ lacks insight

I’ve been thinking recently about attention and concentration. Part of my PhD is contingent on the idea of technology transforming the human brain/psyche/consciousness, and I’m particularly interested in how internet technology can help or hinder concentration. So too, apparently, is Nicholas … Continue reading

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New web address!

Good news everyone! Ben Abraham dot Net is now accessible via the address: While my audience’s expectations around my blog are largely out of my control, I can still give hints: If you believe blog readers do posess the inalienable right to … Continue reading

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What is a blog?

Or rather, what is inherent to the blog format? This is partially a response to Dilyan, who took umbridge at my comments on the latest CDC podcast. He wrote a response on his own blog which further betrays some of the unspoken assumptions he … Continue reading

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Presented without Comment #6

‘Illustration: KillScreen online editorials 003‘ by Dan Purvis at Purvis’ Perspective. …consumer reviews are shit. They mean nothing to the world. That’s where Kill Screen reviews are different. They want to mean something to somebody. And, I believe they will. ‘The … Continue reading

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Forms of responses

There are few others whose reasoned and considered opinion I value more than David Carlton’s, so his sympathetic response to my argument on the CDC podcast about blog comments is heartwarming. Here’s his extension of my own logic, elaborated somewhat … Continue reading

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Presented without comment #5

A special Search Engine Optimization themed selection of pieces presented without comment, for your casual perusal. ‘Trouble in the House of Google‘ by Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror: Throughout my investigation I had nagging doubts that we were seeing serious cracks in the algorithmic … Continue reading

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Gee Dee Cee 2011 so far

Here’s the only report I’m filing here about GDC (follow my twitter for up to the minute inanity and the occasional live-tweeting): Mixture of homesickness, tiredness, POPtimism, excitement, pre-nostalgia, sadness, coffee, tinitus, dirt, discomfort, hunger, interest and disinterest, gratitude and … Continue reading

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