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TvT – Me vs ‘Hercules’

Yes, the other player was actually called Hercules. And he was a comedian. Something about being funnier than me (which is highly likely – my sense of humor is quite dry) was a conversation we had at the start. This … Continue reading

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So I’ve totally messed up my early #pomodorojerk momentum by catching tonsilitis two weeks in a row. I think I’ve done my daily writing allotment maybe one or twice in the whole of the past two weeks. But now that … Continue reading

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Blog attractions

I received an email today in the generically formatted mass-email configuration, and normally when I get one of these I just bin it straight away because it’s inevitably from someone on the payroll of just looking for a leg-up in SEO. … Continue reading

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In the interests of pushing this micro-blogging cart up the hill…

Jesus Christ I wish I could stop itching – I’ve had tonsillitis on-and-off for the better part of two weeks now, and I’m on my second course of penicillin and I think it’s giving me hives, or whatever these itchy little red … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing a lot of Starcraft

In fact, it’s something of a resolution of mine (new years or otherwise) to get pretty good at Starcraft 2. It started around the time of the Blizzard Cup, back in December ’11 but it had been nurtured by the … Continue reading

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What do I use this space for anymore?

Not much. It may be time to do some more micro-blogging, Harman-style.

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Perma… nence?

Ken Levine on the “1999 mode” in Bioshock Infinite: So recently I talked at my old college and feeling like Mr Successful, then this guy says “I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Levine!” He’s giving me a hard … Continue reading

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Presented without comment #30

‘Nick Srnicek‘ interviewed at Figure/Ground Communication. By a large margin, most of my academic colleagues are people I first met online, whether through blogging or emailing or tweeting. I’ve since gone on to meet a number of them in the … Continue reading

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Determinism (mostly for Jenn Frank (but you might be interested also?))

So Jenn Frank wrote an astonishingly great piece ‘On games of chance, cheating, and religion’ and JP Grant added some thoughts of his own about the notion of ‘fairness’ in games, in an equally excellent response, ‘Fair Play’. Go read … Continue reading

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Any philosophy that can’t deal with Michael Jackson as a Sad Clown probably isn’t worth doing.


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