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It’s only the future

I bought my MacBook Air today and it really is a great little machine. This is my third Apple purchase (phone, pad, air), though I’ve received three iPods as gifts from my parents over the years. For someone who has … Continue reading

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This story is about as weird and wonderful as they come. If you’ve not been following the Horse_ebooks saga, now’s a great time to jump on board: ‘How I Found the Human Being Behind Horse_ebooks, The Internet’s Favourite Spambot‘.

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On the home stretch

I’m about 3/4 of the way there with the chapter, and the last quarter should come reasonably smoothly tomorrow. It has benefited most, so far, from what is the most extensive culling I have ever done to a paper. I … Continue reading

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Harman on the up/down-sides to continental philosophy

Harman: …there will be an upside and a downside just as with every choice in life. The upside is that you’re likely to take a longer historical perspective and not become bewitched by the transient, chiselling fashions of Leiter-ranked university … Continue reading

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Somedays you hammer out the writing…

Other days the writing hammers out you…

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Far Cry 3 gameplay vid speculations

Things that I liked: – Ziplines, but the larger point is there seemed to be plenty of freedom of movement in the arenas where firefights occur. Some of the other sections looked more scripted/tunneled. – I liked that the hands … Continue reading

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Great Michel Serres quote

“The more one writes, the less one reads – it’s a question of time. But I stress: an authentically philosophical book is distinguishable from a learned book. The latter, loaded with quotes and footnotes, struts its erudition; it flourishes its … Continue reading

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The price of land

The always sensible Alan Kohler on debt levels in Australia – but not credit card debt, housing debt: The combination of rising population, a lack of arable land and artificial restrictions on residential development in cities has led to a … Continue reading

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History and Uncertainty: The Umbrella Man

This video by Errol Morris is the story of ‘The Umbrella Man’, a conspicuous figure present at the assassination of JFK. It’s  told by the author of one of the many books on the assassination, but Josiah Thompson seems to be a class above … Continue reading

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If sentences are ships…

One sentence is like a rowboat, it can turn on a dime. Two sentences is like a sailboat, it has to tack and work with something other than itself. At about 8,000 words the number of sentences might be roughly … Continue reading

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