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Public Art & the *whistle* factor

Reading this piece in frieze magazine about the process whereby Boris Johnson decided London’s Olympics needed something of a centrepiece for it’s architectural, political and economic gratuity: The process by which the Orbit has become a reality is a perfect … Continue reading

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Another major blog goes comment-free

It’s getting to the point where it’s worth wondering if there is a new type of blog-like-site which just doesn’t have comments. It’s been a long journey, but we’re coming full circle to the early days of the internet where … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson could write

From an essay in The Great Shark Hunt (p.201), titled ‘PRESENTING: THE RICHARD NIXON DOLL (OVERHAULED 1968 MODEL)’, originally published in Pageant, 1968: “At one point I was making notes near the studio door when it suddenly flew open and … Continue reading

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Ageism & the cult of youth/beauty

Two things I saw this week that are worth connecting: the first was this video of Sean Micallef on Channel 10’s obnoxious new breakfast television program, running amok in a kind of protest of the stupidly loaded framing of the … Continue reading

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Data scrobbling and identity/mystery

Back in about 08 or 09 I joined and at the time music scrobbling very much appealed to me. The idea that an algorithm could take my data, crunch it, then tell me something about myself that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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“Mainstream poetry”

Kasey Silem Mohammad: So what would it mean for poetry to be truly mainstream? It would have to be aggressively public, perhaps–distributed via mass mailing or spam messages, say. It would have to be as shameless as television in its … Continue reading

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“I used to be a surfer…”

“I used to be a surfer, first and foremost… now I think I’m really a mammal.”

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Words and Pictures

  The trouble is — whatever it is about pictures, photographs it’s just about impossible to follow up with words They don’t have anything to do with each other. … Art — or what we call that You can love … Continue reading

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Latour & Woolgar on Philosophy vs Epistemology

From the post-script to the 1986 version of ‘Laboratory Life’ by Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar: One good reason for not dismissing philosophy is that the positions of most authors both within and beyond the social study of science are … Continue reading

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The ontology of Carpentry, or; The Carpentry of Carpentry

Darius Kazemi posted the first reaction to Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology that I noted (we happen to have a fantastic book club together, open for anyone to join and we’re reading AP at the moment). One of Darius’ main questions … Continue reading

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