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The Crazy Masters

A French film by Jean Ruch I saw in Brisbane at GOMA one time. The narration is all in French, and the subtitles are uselessly in Italian but honestly it’s worth watching just for the imagery. From memory it tells … Continue reading

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Depicting God

It occurred to me, while watching this clip, that if you’re going to depict ‘God’ you might as well go all the way and make him/her/it like this. Certainly it’s probably more faithful to the ‘nature’ of God, or at least more … Continue reading

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This Is How We Walk On The Moon

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Damn that capricious Ophiopogon japonicus!

‘I hope to prove that, both in its normal and abnormal operations, mind is essentially the same in man and other animals.’ In yet another article in the Journal of Mental Science he extended his claim to the vegetable kingdom. … Continue reading

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More bullshit public diarising and things

So I’ve been having a pretty shit time of things lately, and for no good reason. Things are going pretty good for me right now – I’m working hard on my thesis (even if I’m maybe not quite as happy … Continue reading

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Something amazing happening in NZ

To have so many amazing artists producing so much great stuff all at the same time is something special to behold. I’m just glad to be able to watch it from afar.

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Go play this

This is incredible, and it’s not even THE MAIN GAME. And here’s an interview with the developer at a website that looks suspiciously like my own. Don’t get confused. Oh and here’s a video of what the main game looks … Continue reading

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“Six Figures”

Six Figures to enhance your social media and online experience by The New Inquiry Get on it.

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Waterfowl encountering water for the first time

video via a RT by @ben_hr There is something in the ducks behaviour that is oddly familiar – something recognisably “human” in a way. The initial trepidation and refusal to encounter the new and the strange (in this case, water) … Continue reading

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Making games: confirmed for Not That Hard Actually

I made this game in twine in under ten minutes (literally), it’s called “Very Scary Story imo DO NOT READ“. It’s getting some good press!

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