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Kamuran Akkor – Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz

The hook is phenomenal and just sits in my brain and makes it feel all wiggly and dancy.

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Phil Tippett’s ‘Prehistoric Beast’

Amazing short film, embedding disabled so go watch it on YouTube. Worth it for the 80s era sound design alone. I found it via this blog by someone doing a remake of the Jurassic Park: Tresspasser game. Looks super great. I’m … Continue reading

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Far Cry 3 and designer inducements

Thinking some more about the ideas in Andrew Vanden Bosche’s great post that I responded to the other day, I realised that I hadn’t really thought about it from the perspective of the game designer, i.e. from the position that … Continue reading

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Passive agression, Spec Ops: The Line, and the individual onus

Andrew Vanden Bossche has a great little post up on his tumblr about the way Shinji Ikari in Evangelion reacts to being told what to do, wanting to resist doing it, while also being unable to say ‘no’ to his … Continue reading

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Thesis tribulations

I’ve found that sometimes the biggest impediment when it comes to actually sitting down and writing a certain thesis section is un-thinking the things that I had thought about that section prior and which now… are incomplete, wrong, or just don’t … Continue reading

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Far Cry 3 – On tessellation, FOV and enjoyment

So I changed two minor video settings at some point this week and it’s like I’m playing an entirely different game. I changed the geometry to ‘Ultra’, and the Field of Vision (FOV) to 90 degrees, up from the default … Continue reading

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Livin the gun life

Check out the weird dissonance of this: At the same time, though, I was a little jealous of those getting permits. Taking my guns from the safe was a rare treat; the sensual pleasure of handling guns is a big … Continue reading

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Thanks to Daniel for this complete and utter earworm.

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Transcription: highlights from Timothy Morton’s Q&A session after ‘On Entering the Anthropocene’

On Friday, August 24th 2012 Tim Morton gave a rapid fire talked entitled ‘On Entering the Anthropocene’ as part of the launch of the new UNSW based journal of Environmental Humanities. I went along to the talk which was typical … Continue reading

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Links from Avatar of the Book event

I’m at the Avatar of the Book event in Sydney today, and a couple of interesting talks with some great examples that I just wanted to link to, mostly so I don’t forget. Grouped according to the speaker who mentioned … Continue reading

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