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An Exhausted Blogosphere

Last time we looked at the early period of the videogame blogosphere as Dan Golding’s blog post ‘Mapping the Brainysphere’ and I both saw it emerging, and we also looked at the forces of formation from an Actor Network Theory … Continue reading

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A brief Actor Network Theory history of the videogame blogosphere

After a very productive meeting with my PhD supervisor today I want to try distil some of the renewed focus my project has gained. My PhD project, tentatively called ‘An Actor Network Theory assessment of online community creation’, is all … Continue reading

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Addendum to The Tenor of Experience

Two quick links both worth reading for their applicability to my previous idea of the tenor of experience: the first, Canadian novelist Douglas Coupland ‘A radical pessimist’s guide to the next 10 years‘. Too many points to mention them all … Continue reading

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The Tenor of Experience

I’ve had a kind of crazy idea for a while now that involves the nature of experience. I’m now quite convinced that experiences come in different varieties and flavours. Everyone has taken mind (or mood) altering drugs of some kind … Continue reading

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Zombies and Hip Hop

When I first saw this trailer for Hilltop Hood’s upcoming DVD release Parade of the Dead I wondered why no one had thought to do something like it sooner. The video seems to be a spoof of the zombie film … Continue reading

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