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Ben Abraham interviews Ben Abraham

I was having trouble writing proper blog posts, so I decided to interview myself. After all, who better to know the good questions to ask me than myself? So here we go. Ben: What are you interested in right now? … Continue reading

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Tim Morton on climate, denial, and responsibility

The following extremely lengthy extract is from Timothy Morton’s ‘The Ecological Thought’ which is (appropriately enough) heavily influencing my current thinking, distilling a lot of background intuitions and assumptions into a more definite form. Here’s Morton, at the beginning of Chapter 3, … Continue reading

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Presented without comment #16

‘On the floor laughing: traders are having a new kind of fun‘ by James Somers at The Atlantic. The more I watch, the more I think I understand the peculiar grip this place has on him — and, for that … Continue reading

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The New Situationist International

I read the introductory few pages of McKenzie Wark’s The Beach Beneath The Street and was immediately inspired to organise or join an artist/philosophical collective like the Situationist International. I don’t have a great understanding of them, their goals and … Continue reading

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Philosophy is encouraging

Philosophy is the invention of strange forms of argumentation, necessarily bordering on sophistry, which remains it’s dark structural double. To philosophize is always to develop an idea whose elaboration and defence require a novel kind of argumentation, the model for … Continue reading

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Abstract: More fun writing than playing: the critical videogame blogosphere as emerging approach to knowledge creation

As I said in my stereotypical update post, I’ve been writing a paper to present at a conference in Oxford, in July. Here’s the abstract and the bibliography for the paper, to whet your interest in the final piece (which … Continue reading

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