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Nowhere Man

44 years after The Beatles film ‘Yellow Submarine’ depicted the ‘Nowhere Man’ himself we finally have the nowhere man, in the flesh, in the form of Mitt Romney. But whereas The Beatles parodied something akin to the academic/journalistic ‘view from … Continue reading

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Untitled, 1920 (Murdering Airplane) by Max Ernst

  Christ who flies higher than the aviators… Icarus Enoch Elijah Apollonius of Tyrana Hover near the original airplane… Everyone eagle phoenix phis Fraternizes with the flying machine. – Guillaume Apollinaire, “Zone” I’m writing about Max Ernst, dadaist and surrealist … Continue reading

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Momento Mori

I was on a train that hit and killed someone this afternoon. I don’t know anything more than that. I didn’t see it. I didn’t even hear it, as I had headphones on. I think I felt it but even … Continue reading

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Rivers of Orange

From About 8,000 liters of the concentrate used to make the soft drink Sunny D, formerly known as Sunny Delight spilled into a creek in England in May, 2006. The spill killed dozens of fish, which is a little … Continue reading

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Uncommon Deities: “The God of Single Cell Organisms”

Uncommon Deities “The God of Single Cell Organisms” from Samadhisound on Vimeo.

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Reggie Watts making fun of things

The whole TED/Tech conference confection is long overdue some serious criticism (and it’s been getting it) but this half-hour set from Reggie Watts takes the critique to a new, performative level. Daring to make fun of the conference while at the … Continue reading

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“Your politics are boring as fuck”

‘Your politics are boring as fuck‘ by Nadia C.: The truth is, your politics are boring to them because they really are irrelevant. They know that your antiquated styles of protest—your marches, hand held signs, and gatherings—are now powerless to … Continue reading

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Another generational fault-line exposed, this time in Journalism

A brouhaha has been brewing for the past couple of days between an undergraduate intern Journalist and The Hun over a piece that was highly critical of the paper’s Newsroom culture. The paper, in full ‘destroy the enemy’ mode fired … Continue reading

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From Metafilter: I honestly tried to find the least confusing introductions to the #nodads line, but as you can see they tend to refuse that kind of discourse. The point, if I can summarize, is to argue that philosophy, politics, … Continue reading

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Clint Hocking on ‘Replayability’

Clint Hocking writes about my favourite bugbear – the word ‘Replayability’: Replayability is an oft-debated concept in game development… But what does ‘replayability’ even mean? The word itself implies an obvious definition: that the game can sustain player interest over … Continue reading

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