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Best thing I’ve read (yet) about Ke$ha

Good stuff from Robin @ its-her-factory: Messy, irrational feminism is a white woman’s feminism. Or, to use Jack Halberstam’s terms, gaga feminism is by, for, and about white women. Neoliberalism is, in some ways about the end of a certain … Continue reading

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[talk] Flarf ‘poetry’ and the Facebook tagging algorithm

So I gave a short paper at CODE last week entitled ‘Flarf ‘poetry’ and the Facebook tagging algorithm’ and got lots of positive comments and questions afterwards. Here’s an embed of the audio, and here’s a direct download. The slides to … Continue reading

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Žižek on Lacan on being unblockable on twitter

“Indeed, as Lacan put it: a true Master is the one who cannot ever be betrayed – the one who, even when actually betrayed, does not lose anything.” -Slavoj Žižek, ‘The Actuality of Ayn Rand’, The Journal of Ayn Rand … Continue reading

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Very neat sounds

via @unefillequi

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Notes and highlights from Code 2k12

The following mostly dot-point notes are what I remember to be the stand-out points from a few of the highlight talks from Code 2012, held at Swinburne this week. It’s telling that the “standouts” are just about every single paper … Continue reading

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Not entirely sure how I’d never seen this before, p. great. The whole idea of a ‘teaser’ music video for a song which (presumably) will get its own song is somewhat bizarre. Just as bizarre is the fact that this … Continue reading

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Gaming the Imagination


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On a more serious note…

This video did my head in. It’s so beautiful, yet so ugly simultaneously.

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The daggiest nation on earth

There’s something very liberating about being Australian. I honestly think it’s a freedom that comes with the lackadaisical ease with which we can be that most Australian of words… daggy. Minor taste makers in a constellation of cool, forever followers. Of … Continue reading

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(via) The great thing about the “me, IRL” meme is that it can literally be applied to anything – any image, any word, any situation, any song, any video, any person – and the receiver will know instantly one of two things. … Continue reading

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