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Watch the K Foundation burn a million quid

Watching this video makes me giddy. The world seems to peel back and the ground folds away beneath you, and if you concentrate on it in just the right way, you can step through the portal, temporarily, into a zone … Continue reading

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Well this is weird: twitter account swapping

So Sam Crisp tweeted the following a day ago, and I only just saw it: Who wants to run my twitter account for a week? See what happens lol I thought it was a good idea, and something I’ve been … Continue reading

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Go play ‘The River’ a game by Courtney Stanton


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Thesis tribulations

I’ve found that sometimes the biggest impediment when it comes to actually sitting down and writing a certain thesis section is un-thinking the things that I had thought about that section prior and which now… are incomplete, wrong, or just don’t … Continue reading

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Untitled, 1920 (Murdering Airplane) by Max Ernst

  Christ who flies higher than the aviators… Icarus Enoch Elijah Apollonius of Tyrana Hover near the original airplane… Everyone eagle phoenix phis Fraternizes with the flying machine. – Guillaume Apollinaire, “Zone” I’m writing about Max Ernst, dadaist and surrealist … Continue reading

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Just some tweets I found.

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Hunter S. Thompson could write

From an essay in The Great Shark Hunt (p.201), titled ‘PRESENTING: THE RICHARD NIXON DOLL (OVERHAULED 1968 MODEL)’, originally published in Pageant, 1968: “At one point I was making notes near the studio door when it suddenly flew open and … Continue reading

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“Mainstream poetry”

Kasey Silem Mohammad: So what would it mean for poetry to be truly mainstream? It would have to be aggressively public, perhaps–distributed via mass mailing or spam messages, say. It would have to be as shameless as television in its … Continue reading

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“I used to be a surfer…”

“I used to be a surfer, first and foremost… now I think I’m really a mammal.”

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Words and Pictures

  The trouble is — whatever it is about pictures, photographs it’s just about impossible to follow up with words They don’t have anything to do with each other. … Art — or what we call that You can love … Continue reading

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