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Watch the K Foundation burn a million quid

Watching this video makes me giddy. The world seems to peel back and the ground folds away beneath you, and if you concentrate on it in just the right way, you can step through the portal, temporarily, into a zone … Continue reading

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David Graeber on Ethnography

Taken from the Preface to his 2009 book ‘Direct Action, An Ethnography’ all about the 2000/2001 protests and riots against the WTO, etc., pages vii-viii: Call this book, then, a tribute to the continued relevance of ethnographic writing. By “ethnographic writing,” … Continue reading

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Orwell on miners; the working-class; and unemployment in the 30s

I’m reading George Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier, as a re-tweet from my diligent twitter friend Sam_Crisp alerted me to the fact that the University of Adelaide is periodically releasing out-of-copyright e-books (and Orwell, having been dead 50 years  is now … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Pete Ashton’s

Alright so this is going to be some nit-picky bullshit because that’s what I’m training to do. A Doctor of Philosophy is a nitpicky asshole and eventually I’m going to have to prove to the world academy that I know … Continue reading

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Tim Morton on climate, denial, and responsibility

The following extremely lengthy extract is from Timothy Morton’s ‘The Ecological Thought’ which is (appropriately enough) heavily influencing my current thinking, distilling a lot of background intuitions and assumptions into a more definite form. Here’s Morton, at the beginning of Chapter 3, … Continue reading

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Why do I write?

Why do I write? I haven’t stopped to think about it lately, and I probably should. So I sat down for an afternoon and tried to come up with all the reasons why I write. Here, in no particular order, … Continue reading

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Describing Bad Company 2, part 1 of many

Latour’s maxim for where to begin an ANT-like description is ‘in media res’ – in the middle of things. Perhaps we could start in the pilot’s seat of a helicopter. Better yet – we could be even more descriptive than … Continue reading

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