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Žižek on Lacan on being unblockable on twitter

“Indeed, as Lacan put it: a true Master is the one who cannot ever be betrayed – the one who, even when actually betrayed, does not lose anything.” -Slavoj Žižek, ‘The Actuality of Ayn Rand’, The Journal of Ayn Rand … Continue reading

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Abstract: Neuroscience and the digital community: what next for the notion of ‘the individual’?

The following abstract was accepted for the international conference ‘Knowledge/Culture/Social Change‘ to be held in Sydney, Australia in November. The ‘individual’ has attained an unparalleled level of success and acceptance, with the DNA of all major political and economic theories … Continue reading

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Abstract: More fun writing than playing: the critical videogame blogosphere as emerging approach to knowledge creation

As I said in my stereotypical update post, I’ve been writing a paper to present at a conference in Oxford, in July. Here’s the abstract and the bibliography for the paper, to whet your interest in the final piece (which … Continue reading

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