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Jack Gleeson on Celebrity Culture

Pretty great.

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quick reflex on goin private on twitta

Quick relfecx on going private I went private because I am getting bored on twitter and I haven’t done it before thought id try it out So here’s some quick thots: I get no RTs now. That’s a weird thing … Continue reading

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This is perhaps the greatest game ever made, all attempts to top it are in vain. Give up on your puny pathetic games now. Thus spake the 10rd.

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Sam Allen on ‘what misandry means to me’

i hate men doesn’t mean i hate you. it means i hate your position in this world. it means i’m not obligated to like you. it means i don’t have to talk to you if i don’t want to. it means i get … Continue reading

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(Actually this isn’t a particularly great snapshot of what i’ve been working on, more like the stuff I wish I had time to be working on)  

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Latour on trains/travel/compression

Both quotes from Latour’s Aramis: which I skimmed a bit just now because I’ve spent so much time on trains and other transportation devices lately: “At a time when efficiency has the status of dogma, we are all subject to … Continue reading

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on teen girls

One of the most popular ways people like to hate teenage girls is to complain about their “insane” crushes on boy band members. Now, let me fucking tell you something: those big dumb crushes are what helps a teenage girl … Continue reading

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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah But, there’s one tiny issue with setting Matthew McConaughey up as our next great Christian idol. And, the problem is the movie he won the Oscar for. And pretty much every other movie he’s ever made.  (Anyone remember a … Continue reading

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Two ways to weaponize your Facebook comments

When your post on a page attracts stupid or ignorant comments in a threaded reply, delete your own comment. The replies go with them. (Bonus points if you can set and execute a ‘honeypot’ for terrible comments!) When someone replies … Continue reading

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This is the best academic piece i’ve read åbout climate change aesthetics

Michael Ziser and Julie Sze’s Climate Change, Environmental Aesthetics, and Global Environmental Justice Cultural Studies. From the conclusion: As the [Global Climate Change] phase of environmental discourse develops, it will be crucial to ensure that the original ecological and social goals … Continue reading

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