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Working on my late game TvEverything

So in just about every matchup, I’m pretty okay up till I’ve basically taken and held my second base. Where most of my games are falling apart at the moment is the late game – at the point where my … Continue reading

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MVP out of Code S

A sad day, as what I’d seen of MVP was just really, really solid Terran play – a lot to learn from. Maybe not as flashy as MMA’s performance in the Blizzard Cup, but “safer”. Basically he lost twice (I … Continue reading

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TvT – Me vs ‘Mauro’

So I’ve played a pretty good 1/1/1 build vs a Terran player – they seem pretty lacklustre. I managed to block their natural expansion and force a planetary just by putting down a supply depot over the spot it wanted … Continue reading

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TvT – Me vs ‘Hercules’

Yes, the other player was actually called Hercules. And he was a comedian. Something about being funnier than me (which is highly likely – my sense of humor is quite dry) was a conversation we had at the start. This … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing a lot of Starcraft

In fact, it’s something of a resolution of mine (new years or otherwise) to get pretty good at Starcraft 2. It started around the time of the Blizzard Cup, back in December ’11 but it had been nurtured by the … Continue reading

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