Not entirely sure how I’d never seen this before, p. great.

The whole idea of a ‘teaser’ music video for a song which (presumably) will get its own song is somewhat bizarre.

Just as bizarre is the fact that this clip has received something like 27 thousand dislikes. Haters gonna hate.

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Gaming the Imagination


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On a more serious note…

This video did my head in.

It’s so beautiful, yet so ugly simultaneously.

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The daggiest nation on earth

There’s something very liberating about being Australian. I honestly think it’s a freedom that comes with the lackadaisical ease with which we can be that most Australian of words… daggy.

Minor taste makers in a constellation of cool, forever followers.

Of course, the 80s were an awkward time for everyone involved – myself included (pretty sure mum was still changing my nappies well into the dying days of the 80s). But look what the US got out of the 80s.

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The great thing about the “me, IRL” meme is that it can literally be applied to anything – any image, any word, any situation, any song, any video, any person – and the receiver will know instantly one of two things. Either this is an accurate representation of some self-deprecating habit or aspect of the transmitter, or else it is being shared ironically, as this is so completely not representative of the person in real life (or maybe it is?!?!). Ambiguity or ambivalence is a key element to any meme, and as soon as this element is worn away  through overexposure or just the shifting trends of fashion the meme stops being a meme, becoming more like the memory of a meme. Memes exist only so long as remain in circulation. Memes are always already dead or dying, and the transmitter/receiver breathes life into it. Memes are zombies, coming alive between two minds and existing on uncertainty.

Addendum: Joel ‘yolo’ McCoy adds the following which I think is bang-on:


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OS X colour coding assits my PhD organisation

The simple ability to add colour associations to PhD chapters and the sources I have in mind for each has proven immensely useful to my mental organisation of PhD resources. It’s often the simple things that are the most effective.

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Plants are strange strangers

Plants are weird. Tim Morton calls life-forms ‘strange strangers’, and this timelapse footage captures the strangeness of the (I am assuming) lotus plant and it’s absurd flower.

(The song is ‘Sonido Amazonico‘ by Chicha Libre. Muy bueno. Or maybe that should be ‘Muito bem’?)

via the Lazenby tumblr.

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Sweet looking Doco on the GI anti-war movement

I imagine, if my experience is anything to go by, that almost no one has heard this story. The GI’s themselves who were anti-war, who deserted from Vietnam, who resigned from the military, etc… this is rare stuff.

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Text-based multiplayer shooter

Turns out when you spend inordinate amounts of time typing, you get pretty quick at it. Quick enough that my K/D ratio in one game of ‘Text-based multiplayer shooter‘ ends up way better than in any other online shooter. 

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Kakapo – Broken Emotion

Weird how the HTML address bar can handle the strange ‘?’ character but the wordpress title can’t.

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