Dr. Benjamin Abraham is currently an independent scholar with a highly interdisciplinary research focus, with work published in internationally regarded peer-reviewed journals taking in a diverse range of fields and disciplines, including games, digital culture and activism, nonhuman philosophy, finance studies, and climate change. He has five years experience teaching undergraduate media students in the faculty of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, having taught introductory digital media theory and production skills, fundamental web development skills, and game studies courses.

A list of his peer reviewed publications and conference papers, as well as selected essays, talks and other written work can be found on Academia.edu.

A very infrequently updated blog can be found here.

In 2009 he conducted a single-life “Permadeath” let’s play of the videogame Far Cry 2 (2008), documenting it in a 300+ page PDF, which can be found here.

He also founded and ran the website Critical Distance for its initial years, curating lists of excellent writing and criticism of videogames.

A short list of his personal choices for a “best of the best of games criticism” (constrained roughly to between years 2007 and 2010) is here.