About Ben

About Ben

Dr. Benjamin Abraham is a researcher and consultant with a passion for sustainability.

Ben is a world-leading expert in the environmental impact of the digital games industry, having spent the past seven years gathering data, conducting interviews and undertaking research and analysis of the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of the games industry, presented as the forthcoming book Digital Games After Climate Change due for publication in early 2022. DGACC contains the first ever attempt to put a figure on the emissions and other climate impacts of the global games industry, estimating the scale of emissions associated with game development, distribution and play. It also includes an investigation of the environmental harms that occur from gaming hardware manufacturing and disposal, and contains an urgent call-to-arms for the games industry to make carbon neutrality a non-negotiable part of its future.

He is currently available for consulting, as either a one-off or for ongoing projects, particularly for game developers and businesses concerned about carbon emissions. He can provide seminars and other training for businesses and individuals to skill-up in emissions standards, data collection, reporting and change implementation for businesses and individuals looking to quickly to meet the increasing expectation that products and services be made sustainably.

He has recently been working on a project with game development studio Paper House (Melbourne) to identify emissions reduction opportunities, and has presented his research to some of the industry’s biggest players, and is presenting at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco March 21-25 2022. 

He has previously worked in the School of Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney, having worked in higher education since 2011. He is currently looking for opportunities to produce positive outcomes for the planet with businesses and individuals.