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Around mid-December of last year I was approached independetly by two magazines that wanted to do a couple of short interview/features in their publications about Permanent Death. I have now very kindly recieved a copy of each and I’ve scanned in the relevant pages for your perusal.

The first comes from German games magazine GEE Mag, and my answers to the interviewers questions have, naturally, been translated into German. I guess if you really need to know what I have to say about why I chose Far Cry 2 for permadeath, etc, you could ask either of Denis Farr or Sebastian Wuepper to translate for you (I’m sure there are others).

The second is part of a longer piece about Permanent Death as well as Robin Burkinshaw’s exceptional ‘Alice and Kev‘ blog-form machinima tale. It’s from the UK publication GamesTM, and it’s quite a cool feature.

Justin Keverne told me that also in the March issues of GamesTM is a big interview with CLINT HOCKING, which, as Justin pointed out, is very fitting.

Thanks to Oliver Klatt and Chris McMahon for the interest in Permanent Death and for being such nice interviewers. (Read more for the English mag pages…)

Sorry for poor formatting – Magazines are not made to go online!