Category: GDC 2012

  • My final two GDC reports

    The brilliant sounding feedback tool used by Radical on Prototype 2. And the Far Cry 3 designer’s research into Psychological models of player motivation – this one is going to be a standard thing in the games industry in a decade’s time, mark my words.

  • My Tuesday session write up

    I wrote about a fairly interesting debate between Alexander Bruce (who I have some history of mild and friendly antagonism with) and John Edwards of ThatGameCompany, and the piece is up on Gamasutra. I didn’t even find out who cleaned up in Super Tuesday!

  • Monday GDC session write up

    I went to a session about Social Games and wrote about it for Gamasutra, and it’s online here now.

  • GDC 2012

    I could ostensibly live-blog a lot of these talks. I will probably just tweet though.