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NEW REVIEW!! dakr souls 2

i wrte a short review for steaam game dark souls 2 it is quite fa good game if i say so mseyf. wont tell u how many stars i gave it ;-))))) lil surprise for u like comment subscribe for … Continue reading

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So DiGRAA – the Australian chapter of the intl. Game Studies research organisation held its first conference on Tuesday. I presented a paper based on some stuff I’ve been working on on the side of thesis, and which everyone had good … Continue reading

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White people rap

Primarily, I needed to get these links out of a browser tab and into somewhere useful. Aamer Rahman has a great 2 part “white rapper FAQ” which is essential reading for anyone who listens to any white rappers (that means: … Continue reading

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me IRL

god i remember this song live it was SO GOOOOOOOD probably one of my fave live acts – probably bc they actually sounded like the album (i’m such a stooge – i just want to listen to albums) Fuck me … Continue reading

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They don’t make em like they used to

Also, nice sprite work at 3:05 As old Ben Kenobi would say, “an elegant weapon for a more civilised age.”

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A history of POGS

cc Skatebee. elements of POG designs: skulls eight-balls skateboards eight-balls riding skateboards

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“a low amp electrical WANG pulse”


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And this is why…

These guys are the best of the best.

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Sam Allen on ‘what misandry means to me’

i hate men doesn’t mean i hate you. it means i hate your position in this world. it means i’m not obligated to like you. it means i don’t have to talk to you if i don’t want to. it means i get … Continue reading

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Gaem of Lief

Probably the best of these type of video I’ve seen. But also the music suuuuuucks so…

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