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If I think with my body

…and my body is damaged, bruised, broken, in agony, etc, etc – what does that do to my thinking? Physical torture becomes mind control, and ‘brainwashing’ becomes much more understandable. Less serious injuries can even have serious effects on thinking … Continue reading

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The Beach Website as Genre

You didn’t know that websites had genres, did you? Well, they do, and I’ve discovered a new one. Blogs are a genre of website, ‘portal’ type sites are another, forums are also a genre, shops are a genre of website … Continue reading

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Feeling is a kind of thinking

We don’t just think in words – we also recognise that we think in images, sounds, smells, colours, even whole situations (think of dreams you’ve had where whole dimensions of experience are just given to you without being ‘known’ via … Continue reading

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Attention and Immersion

A video essay about the term ‘immersion’ and why I think it should be replaced. While video of Richard Lemarchand’s GDC talk is behind the GDC Vault paywall, his slides and text from the talk are online here. I’ve received a few very … Continue reading

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There’s a strange, and relatively new, genre of YouTube video, based on parodying the over-serious, über-gamer culture that surrounds professional gaming, and in particular the MLG (Major League Gaming) circuit. The typical MLG fragvid is full of over-the-top special effects, … Continue reading

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