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This is perhaps the greatest game ever made, all attempts to top it are in vain. Give up on your puny pathetic games now. Thus spake the 10rd.

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gdc aftermath

if someone asked me right now and forced me to answer honestly, “will you miss gdc?” i would have to answer “not especially.” this is not because it wasnt good or great or amazing – it certainly was all those … Continue reading

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Oh I nearly forgot!!

Critical Distance has a Patreon now and it’s great, the site’s gonna really go places. I don’t think anyone really reads my blog anymore (least, not anyone who doesn’t come via weird google searches or my twitter) so I didn’t … Continue reading

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Videogame visions of a post-climate change future

I wrote an essay on the way games have depicted climate change for Memory Insufficient. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, and the plan is to whip it up into a more fleshed out paper later in … Continue reading

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My rough list of Top 10 games of 2013

The only reason I decided to even make a possible list (and it is pretty tentative, stuff could definitely move around a but in there with a bit more thought) is b/c of Andi McClure’s very encompassing poll.

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Reminder: I collect MLG420 videos

And there are tons of them.

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Clint Hocking on sense of place and the effect on violence in Far Cry 2

Steve Gaynor has a new Idle Thumbs offshoot podcast called Tone Control, and in this episode he talks to Clint Hocking, and they spend about the last 50 minutes talking about Far Cry 2. I wanted to excerpt this one … Continue reading

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Hello December

Hello internet, just wanted to direct your attention to this great new tumblr, ‘Video game foliage’ a blog for criticism and commentary on plants and other foliage in games. This is really, super great. This is a project I am really … Continue reading

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On the review

I put down Metal Gear Solid 4 and barely thought about it at all after. There’s something perverse about the expected duties of a reviewer. They are expected to play enough of the game to make an assessment about it, … Continue reading

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Videogame journalism and the values we hold

A couple weeks ago I gave a lecture on the history of videogame journalism, which I’ve now uploaded to YouTube for anyone interested in getting my understanding of the trajectory of the practise, mainly from an institutional or structural perspective. … Continue reading

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